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 Ace-of-Spades   Chase the Ace ..   Ace-of-Spades   Ace-of-Spades    Ace-of-Spades Ace-of-Spades Ace-of-Spades

The Club has a fundraising lottery based on the Chase the Ace of Spades game for details please read HERE. You have to be in it to win it.

19 Apr – The details of latest draw for the  Ace-of-Spades  are HERE – the next draw will be on 24 April after the Mandilas seniors Open

17 Apr – Local Rules have been updated HERE. The changes reflect the use of the coloured bricks to define start of fairways and fairways themselves.

14 Apr – Congratulations to John Mclaughlin and his team on winning the seasons Inter Club. Results HERE.

7 April – Mandilas Seniors Open – Entries now closed – the event is fully subscribed.

5 April – The Fixtures Book has been updated HERE

12 Mar  – Rules of Golf 2019, the R&A and USGA have now published the final version of the 2019 Rules Book, please follow the link HERE to review some of the main changes. Not ALL changes are as initially publicised.