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13 Jan – Snake Road Closure 15 Jan to 23 Feb inclusive.

Extract of an Email message from the Club Captain reference the closure of Snake Road which is once again undergoing repairs. The access Gates adjacent to the 3rd Hole are locked. Access to the holes outside the wire will be via the Pond entrance. The Map (PDF) referred to has not been attached.


Please see attached a PDF file showing the scope of works on Snake Road. I have managed to get them to stop short of gate 1C (entrance point to the 11th/Pond) so we can use all 18 as and when required, this will just mean a slightly longer walk over to the 4th.

You can see from the site plan that Gate 2 and Gate 1D are within the construction site and will be out of bounds to all. There will be deep excavation and under no circumstances are these gates to be used

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