The Course

Stroke Index (SI) allocation – 27 April 2017

A working group was recently setup to review the Stroke Index allocation across the various tee setups. An amended set of Stroke Index  has been agreed and became effective on 27 Apr 17. The work group took on board as fully as possible the recommendations set out by the EGA Handicap System Manual.  DataGolf statistical records for all events and tees in use since Nov 2016, following the course improvements and new Course rating were used to award the degree of difficulty of each hole by gender.

It is a misconception that the 18 hole stroke index allocation is based purely on the degree of difficulty of the hole. Players should not be unduly affected by where the SI is allocated in Stroke or Medal play events and likewise in Stableford events players receive “their shots somewhere”.  It is during Matchplay events that the correct and equitable allocation of stroke index is of the most importance.

DataGolf – CGF has updated the DataGolf course definition tables so that all future events using DataGolf will show the new SI.

Club score cards – The Club Manager will shortly be ordering new score cards .

Tee Box Info plates – These will be updated as and when funds permit, hopefully over the summer.

Society score cards – A recommended set of stroke index has also been produced for these score cards which have more than 9,  but less than 18 holes. The EGA guidelines do not cover this situation for Stroke Index allocation. The society cards have therefore  been based purely on statistical data allocating Index 1 to the most difficult to 15 being the easiest. These cards are not used for Matchplay hence the decision to base them purely on the statistical degree of difficulty.

You can view the updated  Course Base data- HERE

Pin Positions

Simple Green Maps showing the Pin positions

Inside the Wire Holes 1 to 3 and 11 to 18 are HERE

Outside the Wire Holes 4 to 10 are HERE

Course Handicap Playing Tables are HERE

Mens tees

We have three sets of Men’s tees and these are:

Yellow – Standard Competition tees.

Red – Mens forward tees.

Orange – Composite course. These are the old inside the wire Composite course tees. They are a mix of the Yellow and Red tees and where a tee is played twice,  on the back nine it is played from the Red Tee box.

Ladies Tees

Red – Standard Competition tees.

Orange – as per the Men’s tees above, except all play is from the Red tee boxes.

Course rating

All tees have been Course and Slope rated and have their own ratings and as such can be used in handicap qualifying events and club knockout competitions.

Course Planner

The course planner has become increasingly out of date since first produced and should not be relied upon as course modifications evolve. Following the laying of the artificial grass greens and removal of a number of bunkers, this planner is now far from reliable! It is left here for historical reasons.

1st 1st



4th 4th

5th 5th

6th 6th


8th 8th

9th 9th

10th 10th

11th 11th

12th leeway map

13th 13th

14th 14th

15th 15th

16th 16th

17th 17th

18th 18th