25 Jul – Black Marker Posts

The grounds committee have decided where to place the black posts on the course.
There are NO black posts on the Par 3’s.
Mats can be used (optional) IN-BETWEEN  the black post on ALL fairways except for the Par 3 holes.
Mats are NOT to be used on top of existing mats positioned on the 10th, 12th and 15th Fairways.
The black post that start at the beginning of a fairway are marked with black and blue.
The black post will be reviewed at the end of October by the Grounds committee, any changes will depend on the condition of the fairways in play.
I believe this is a fair compromise, and as the fairways get over seeded and we see suitable grass coverage the use of black posts will reduce.
There are of course areas not inside the black posts that are still not up to an acceptable standard, but the posts have to start and stop somewhere, so please accept the decision of the committee.

Grounds member
Tony Laslett


17 Apr

Mimosa clearance right hand side of 18th fairway-

16 Apr

Sweeping the Greens –

7 Nov

Grounds November update is HERE

6 Nov

Work has commenced on improving the banking immediately to the left of the 16th Nunnery green. A second terrace has been cut into the bank today and over the next few weeks we expect to overlay the area with chain link fencing and then topsoil and see what we can get to grow on it! This work also affects the rough to the left hand side of McGill Hill in the area by the first set of steps. It’s not a quick fix so be patient whilst work progresses. A brief video.

13 Oct

OK – so you want to see more grass on the fairways, well we all do, and here is how you can help. In the comfort of your own home -It’s really as easy as shown in the pictures below. Provide your own growing pot, an old yoghurt or plastic container will do , it does not need to be deeper then 2″ or 3″. Ask the ground staff for a “handfull” of seed and off you go. Get yourself a small amount of soil, pop it into the pot, water it well, the next day sprinkle the seed on top and then lightly cover with a sprinkle of soil, now water twice a day ensuring you keep the soil damp, after a week or so and all being well you should see the grass appearing. Grow some grass and then find an area on the course where there is poor cover and plant your grass – this has the Grounds members approval! And when out on the course give your own little patch a loving sprinkle.


11 Oct

For a  resume of the course modifications which have taken place as a spinoff from the artificial grass project please click Course Modifications

6 Oct

The second new bore hole pump station was installed today adjacent to the 13th tee box and rear of the playing fields soccer pitches.

5 Oct

Latest video updates – please be aware these are not edited versions they are all first takes, they are simply me with an iPhone, complete with a little commentary off the cuff.



















Grass Nursery

Driving Range

23 Sep

McGill Green getting watered

21 Sep

McGill Irrigation – One of the last major man power intensive elements of the Project was completed today. This involved the laying of exactly 900 metres of 63mm pipework from the 4th tee Bore well, under Snake Rd and then following the boundary fence up hill to the left and behind 48 steps to the copse near Nunnery tee box and then connecting into the existing pipework, which previously took non-potable water from the Garrison supply. This was the supply which we were denied use of and was disconnected earlier this summer. The pressure was better than expected and we can now irrigate the green and the fairway systems from this well. McGill fairway still needs a lot of attention to get it ready for play.

Greens Works Snag List – The contractors will be relaying two greens outside the wire next week as a result of our snagging inspection.

Ongoing – There is still much tidying up to do some cosmetically but still plenty of raking and seeding to be completed around the fringes and backfilling the old 16th bunker.

Managing Expectations – Please don’t think that its plain sailing from here on as we still have to reposition many start of and edge of fairway markers.

Thank you to all the members who to date have been able to devote time to put in the hard graft on the course. There is still plenty of scope for people to get involved and we will need volunteers to continue working well beyond the anticipated course reopening! If you haven’t been out there yet helping – it’s not too late to start.


17 Sep

The Committee has agreed that the 16th greenside/ 2nd fairway bunker which has always proven particularly difficult to maintain will not be retained/ That area is being landscaped back to fairway. It was hoped that repositioning the bunker could be achieved but the subsoil is sparse and the ground is cap rock a foot below the surface level.

A video of the 1st Green and modified bunds

9 Sep

The three irrigation lines on McGill fairway which previously employed 90 popups have been replaced with a new generation popup. The video shows the first water getting to the fairway since early in May of this year. The water being pumped today was all from the two linked bore holes across on the 4th fairway pump room.

7 Sep

The course is planned to open on Sat 15 Oct, wether that is a full 18 holes or just a limited number will be published nearer the date.

7 Sep

The signs are still positive that we have good supply of water from the area adjacent to the Playing Fields Tee box.

The water on show is coming from some 31 metres down.

1 Sep

A brief update – the Playing Fields bore hole has had its casing dropped into position and now we await testing with a submersible pump and generator which we expect to conduct in about a weeks time. Once again the water quality and volume looks positive but physical test pumping needs to take place before we crack open some juice!

31 Aug

Today we conducted two test bore hole drills. One was adjacent to a previous bore hole from the 1960’s coming down the 16th Nunnery and on the left hand bank, After going down 40 metres there was no sign of water and there was no sign of water bearing sands or gravel only solid Limestone . So after 4hrs we called it quits and went to our second option.

A second hole was then started at the end of the pathway after Half way house as you go up the short incline to the Playing Fields tee boxes, and in the tree line to the left. This very quickly showed signs of a high water table as we hit water some 10 metres down.  After some 2 hrs and now some 30 metres down a water bearing gravel layer was reached.

The video snap shows water being forced up the casing. The drillers force pressurised water mixed with “soap suds” down into the shaft, to both cool and keep the drill bit clear of debris. The spoil is forced back up the shaft to the surface, when as we can see in the video we hit water it is apparent as the water is not frothy.

The contractor will be “casing” the hole on 1 Sep, if he does not the hole will collapse in on itself. He can then test for quality and flow estimates. There is no guarantee that this is going to be the answer to our needs but we live in hope we have found a suitable source of quality water.

13 Aug

Project Update 9

Short video takes.

13 Aug

A few snap shots of Greens , these  have already had to have the approaches and fringes cut. Where the Bermuda has taken it is growing very well, the next stage is to start over seeding the bare patches. We are using a Lolium (Ryegrass) variant as a general over seed and fairway mix.

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From behind the 14th Clunis looking down over the Green towards the 1st

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Practice putting area click to the left to view the practice green

The practice green has been laid.

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Photos of the 1st and again the 14th showing signs the new grass is coming through.

Project update 8

Photos of the Fringes on the 14th and one of the 13th green pin positions.

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Project Update 7

Photos of the Preparation work on the 12th and 18th

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Initial clearing of Sandmix from the Browns

Project Update 6

Project Update 5

Project Update 4

Project Update 3

Project Update 2

Project Update 1

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